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Beauty for Menopause

  Beauty for Menopause   Menopause is far from easy. You’ve reached an important stage in your life where your body is changing and ultimately, this takes a toll on your skin. Dark circles creep in due to a lack of sleep, a sudden surge in hormones may cause breakouts and your complexion appears pink…

Acne treatment

Understand your acne type

For most people suffering from “breakouts” and “blemishes, acne is a very big problem. In our teenage years, acne can make us feel uncomfortable, stop us from being socially active and even undermine our self-esteem. After we have reached our adulthood things can stay the same unless we understand the cause of our skin problems…

Acne Treatment

Essential Things To Know About Acne

Acne is a dermatological problem that affects nearly 50 million people worldwide. Even if it isn’t life-threatening, acne is a painful condition, that can leave scars and can have a major emotional and social impact on your life. Fortunately, it can be treated successfully with the latest generation of treatments, which significantly reduces the risk of…

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