Our Story

Our story

Ayurvedic skin, body and hair as well as health remedies have helped people for thousands of years. Herbs can help naturally quite often without the side effects of medicines.

Whereas in western medicine in a lot of conditions it is the symptoms that are dealt with, in Ayurveda we look at the cause(s) and the natural treatments to help the symptoms and the cause and in beauty – the mind, body and soul. Ancient Indian philosphy of Ayurveda has showed that natural life style changes, herbs, exercises and diet can help in providing better health. How can we use these principles in today”s times – was the question we asked ourselves. We researched through ancient books, went around the world and did post-graduate qualifications in Ayurveda, Nutrition, Massage, Homoeopathy and Stress Management to come up with suitable answers. This resulted in Sushma Bhanot and Ravi Bhanot writing their books, Slimmer in 1 Hour…Slim Forever, Hair Today…Hair Tomorrow and Secrets of How to do Ayurvedic Massages…Head to Toe. Look at our products and therapies to make a difference to your health and beauty.

If you have a question or suggestion please email us at info@coolherbals.com.

Our story begins with the ancient principles of Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic remedies which have helped people for thousands of years.


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