• Launch of the 24 carat Gold Skin Care Range at Olympia Beauty Exhibition 2017

• Coolherbals Health & Beauty Magazine II Edition come out.

• Sponsor of Light Up London – London Eye lit up to mark Diwali for first time

• Sponsor of International Women’s Day In the House of Commons –  Great British Chai Party launch

• Coolherbals Health & Beauty Magazine I Edition come out.


• 4000 Therapist has been trained.    

• Slimmer in 1 Hour…Slimmer Forever goes into third print.

• How to do Ayurvedic Massages…Head to Toe DVD’s come out.


Launch of our new book How to do Ayurvedic Massages…Head to Toe in Mayfair January 2011 by Wendy Kavanagh, editor Massage World and Miss England 2010/11, Jessica Linley. Ms Kavanagh described the book as “a long awaited book for the reference shelves of complementary therapists throughout the world.” The book went into second print end of August 2011.

• The book Slimmer in 1 Hour…Slimmer Forever went into second print.

• Coolherbals products now in Jumeirah hotel, London.

• Launch of Coolherbals products in India and Pakistan.

• Over 2500 therapists have now been trained and using Coolherbals therapies and products

• Our own Radio programme series starts on Health and Beauty on fm92.

• Coolherbals Awards night. This took place in Mayfair, London.


• Launch of Coolherbals products in Malta and Sweden.


• Launch of new Slimming book, Slimmer in 1 Hour…Slimmer Forever. Prof. Rob Campbell of Bolton Univ. calls the book “a refreshing approach based on tried and tested principles”.


• Launch of new Hair book, Hair Today…Hair Tomorrow. Prof. Romesh Gupta of Lancaster University calls the book “a unique approach to keep hair healthier for longer”.

• After 15 years of research and development Ravi and Sushma Bhanot invented the Nutrigro® system for healthier hair, fighting thinning hair and helping to keep your hair for longer – see the Nutrigro website


• Over 1500 therapists have now been trained.

2003 – 06

• The Ayurveda Institute starts and has students from around the world. Coolherbals products and therapies are developed and launched.

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