About Us

Welcome to Coolherbals.

Our products are innovative, natural and effective. They are market leaders in Health and Beauty Products made from Indian (Ayurvedic) herbs. They are used throughout Britain and all over the world by the public and by therapists, trichologists, and hair salons. We have created them to be market leaders throughout the world in:

• Hair retention and maintaining exisiting hair growth (Nutrigro®)

• Natural slimming programme (CoolSlim Plan®),

• Beauty Products (Ayurvedixpro®) and Ayurvedixpro® Beauty Therapies

• Coolherbals Health Products.

Meet The Founders

Community Pharmacists and founders of Coolherbals Ltd, partners Ravi Bhanot and Sushma Bhanot have over 50 years joint experience in formulating and manufacturing products and therapies. Their concept is simple:

” The secret to great health and beauty is to look at the person holistically. To know where to go you have to see where you have come from.”

This led them to research Ayurvedic (Indian), herbal, homeopathic and nutrition theories – old and new – and  create fascinating and effective beauty and hair products.

They also set up to teach their therapies and philosophies through what is now possibly the largest Ayurvedic Institute in Britain:  The Ayurveda Institute Of Europe (www.ayurvedainstitute.org). They are authors of the standard book for all therapists who want to learn Ayurvedic Massages – How to do Ayurvedic Massages…Head to Toe.

Ravi and Sushma Bhanot are regarded as authorities on Ayurvedic Massages and treatments. There are now therapists nationally and in Europe where you can experience the Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Therapies and products designed and manufactured by Coolherbals.

About Coolherbals products

Coolherbals manufactures:

• Facial and Body products – based on natural ayurvedic herbs

• Hair products – natural, non–harsh chemical

• Slimming and Health products

There are some innovative and amazing treatments for facial, body, hair and slimming treatments as well as ayurvedic massages and treatments.

Coolherbals Nutrigro® is the first range of hair products, containing Ayurvedic ingredients, manufactured in Britain to keep hair healthy and strong and to help maintain the growth of existing hair.

Products have been designed individually for both men and women, young and old. The results were encouraging with 2 out of 3 people feeling their hair was healthier after using the Nutrigro® Plan.

Read Ravi Bhanot‘s book Hair Today … Hair Tomorrow to see how you can have great healthy hair and keep your hair for longer.

The Coolherbals Ayurvedixpro® skin care range contains natural effective ingredients such as sandalwood, cloves, coriander, neem and brahmi to give an amazing holistic experience to beauty.

There are solutions for all types of skin – new and old. Therapists love the ‘Red Wine’ therapy for rejuvenating skin and beauty, the natural Ayurvedixpro® Face Lift, Ayurvedixpro® Slimming Body Wraps, Ayurvedic Dermal Roller Facial Treatments, Ayurvedic Slimming Massages and other various Ayurvedixpro Ayurvedic Massages.

They have also devised the coolest way to slim without drugs – The CoolSlim Plan. This is a natural way to slim. It is based on an ancient tried and tested principle that balanced meals for slimmers are not those that are purely calorie counting, or not mixing proteins and carbohyrates but those that have all the 6 tastes in them – sweet, salt, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent.

None of the products are tested on animals, are all vegetarian and have been developed with a lot of love and attention. They are backed by research, trademarked and endorsed by Professionals. We hope you have as much pleasure using them as we have had in getting them to you!

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