Understand your acne type

For most people suffering from “breakouts” and “blemishes, acne is a very big problem. In our teenage years, acne can make us feel uncomfortable, stop us from being socially active and even undermine our self-esteem. After we have reached our adulthood things can stay the same unless we understand the cause of our skin problems and learn the correct way to deal with the acne.

According to Ayurveda, there are three different types of acne: Kapha acne, Vata acne and Pitta acne, each of them signalling an internal unbalance that needs to be corrected for good health and peace of mind. Understanding how your body works, what type of skin you have and what is necessary to do in order for skin problems to be avoided it is key to good health and spiritual peace.
Once you know your type of acne you can find the best way to take care of it and make your skin beautiful again.

A closer look at the differences between these types of acne:
Pitta acne will manifest by pustules and papules, red and painful, a direct consequence of excess heat and fire energy. The skin inflammation can be calmed down by using natural ingredients that are hydrating to the skin ( do not try to dry out the acne, it will only make it worse) and known to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties such as aloe vera, chamomile water, neem and turmeric or black cumin seed oil. Food is also important to balance your pitta energy so avoid foods that can be hard to digest such us hot spices, acidic fruits and deep-fried dishes.

Why not try:

•  Coolherbals Medicated Microfoliator – with its special blend of exotic clays exfoliates particles which are especially effective for problematic skin, helps to clear the skin and act as healers for problematic skins such as acne, blackheads or whiteheads

  Neem And Brahmi Skin Rejuvenating Wash – helps cleanse the skin from deep down and helps prevent spots and blemishes. It contains: natural antibacterial – Neem and soothing botanical – Brahmi

 Coolherbals Problematic Skin Kit is used to help keep your skin clean and clear. It can be used to clear acne, scars, pigmentation and blackhead and helps in itching, rashes, infection and allergies

Kapha acne is often painful, cystic and full of pus/ fluid, concentrated on the chin and the jaw. Considered an imbalance of the kapha energy ( represented by earth and water) this type of acne is related to dampness and mucous in the body. Kapha acne can only be extracted by puncturing the skin first and the use of natural ingredients that help the cysts to break-up and drain is highly recommended. Use a daily cleanser and a non-inflammatory lotion to calm down your sensitive skin. To keep your kapha energy balanced avoid eating foods that can produce mucous in your body such as milk, wheat, eggs, yeast and fermented foods. Sugar is also on the no-no list.

Vata Acne is caused by excess air energy, manifesting as clogged pores and blackheads. The skin will be dehydrated leading to dry oil-deposits and pimples. Using skin care products that properly lubricate and moisturise our complexion is important so the use of natural vegetable oils is recommended. Try black cumin oil and sesame oil, the last one also being used as a good scalp and hair treatment. As the skin is dehydrated the consumption of water, soups and herbals teas has to be a priority and salt-consumption must be monitored as too much sodium causes dehydration.

Keep in mind

All types of acne can be successfully treated once you know the root of the problem. Using a combination of natural skincare products, a proper diet and treating any internal health problem ( such us hormonal imbalance) can lead to a healthy, glowing skin. If you need further help in treating your acne, ask your GP for advice or email us at info@coolherbals.com.

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