Yoga and the Natural Beauty

Today is International Yoga Day and millions of people across the world are celebrating this ancient practise that keeps you healthy, beautiful and young. If you ever wonder what yoga can do for you let us point out a few of the benefits.

Yoga approaches life from a holistic point of view, focusing on treating the souls, mind and body and it is a process involving constant exercising, eating right, and living healthfully. A healthy lifestyle will lead to a healthy body and this will be reflected on your skin – supple and glowing. Yoga can help with dull, lifeless skin, acne, or the dark circles under the eyes.

Keep in mind your skin is a reflection of your internal health

If your diet is full of processed foods and the body is under stress the result can be eczema, pimples, rashes, and dull-looking skin. Lack of dietary fiber can cause toxic build-up and may eventually manifest as blemishes. Stress and sun exposure also damage the skin cell membranes, causing collagen breakdown and wrinkles. Having a diet that contains antioxidants such as selenium, vitamins C and E can prevent or reduce cellular damage while minimizing stress through yoga will keep your skin in peak condition.

The Ayurvedic approach to skin care is all about balance

The first step to a healthy skin is cleansing. Use a natural cleanser and gently pat the cleanser onto your skin, making small, slow, circular motions with your fingers. The ayurvedic massage on your face will relax the muscles while reducing tension. If fallowed by a yoga session and a healthy diet, glowing skin, luminous and beautiful is guaranteed.

Ways in which yoga can help your skin

1.Improving blood circulation

As you start your yoga exercises the inverted poses and forward bends will direct your blood flow to the nerves underneath your face aiding in skin cell renewal. Breathing exercises and asanas such as cobra pose, fish pose, shoulder stand, and triangle pose will definitely help you achieve a radiant looking skin.

2.Cleansing your body from toxins

Exercising and combining yoga position will raise your body temperature and make you sweat out the toxins. Improving your blood flow and providing your skin with oxygen by opening up the lungs and chest will also help your body in getting rid of the toxin build up, cleansing your system and skin. This is essential for a bright and youthful complexion. Breathing exercises, such as pranayamas, help increase oxygen flow and regenerate skin cells.

3.One of the main benefits of yoga is improved digestion

An unhealthy digestive system can be the main cause for breakouts, dull skin, and other skin conditions that make your life difficult. Yoga practice and asanas (such as revolved triangle pose and Bharadvaja’s twist) are designed to massage your digestive organs and detoxify your gut.

4.Reduces stress

Loss of elasticity, a tired appearance, breakouts and wrinkles are just some of the consequences of stress.  Yoga relaxes the body and clears the mind, helping to reduce stress and balance your energy level.

5. Facial yoga for youthful skin

With the passing of years, the skin loses its elasticity and muscles become slack.  Recent studies have showed that 20 minutes of daily face lifting exercising can elevate and strengthen the muscles in your face, making you look years younger. The downward facing Mudras reduces dullness and clears acne, leading to stunning youthful glow.

6.Correcting hormonal imbalance

Every time you suffer from hormonal imbalance it will be reflected on your skin. From breakouts and acne, to dull skin and fatigue hormonal imbalance will make our life difficult every time. Certain asanas, such as cobra, camel and rabbit pose, stimulate hormone producing glands and help your body regain the balance.

 7.Improving breathing

It is said that the speed at which you breathe will dictate the length of life. If you breathe 15 times per minute, you will live to 75 or 80 years. If you breathe 10 times per minute you will live to 100. Breathing consciously is the essence of yoga as it assists us in connecting with the subtle energy within. Stress and tension can cause us breathing problems. Yoga Breathing or Pranayama, are useful for reducing stress (particularly Brahmari (humming bee breath), Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril) and Ujjayi (victorious) breath) and will help you control the body, mind, and emotions.




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