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Coolherbals at Olympia Beauty 2018

      Since its inception, Coolherbals has supported the UK’s biggest autumn beauty event- Olympia Beauty. Taking place on 29th – 30th September 2019, the event will welcome over 18,000 professionals and host over 500 exhibiting brands. The event is strictly for beauty professionals and students meaning that the focus is on trade, business,…

Time To Be Bold for Change MPs say

Time To Be Bold for Change MPs say

International Women’s Day was celebrated at the House of Commons at the Palace of Westminster on 6.03.2017. TV personalities, journalists,  CEOs, Human Rights Lawyers, business women and an employment judge all descended on to Westminster to join Be Bold for Change movement. The event was organised by Sushma Bhanot and Ravi Bhanot, directors of Coolherbals,…

Time To Be Bold for Change MPs say

Be Bold for Change

Dear friends, This past year has seen a woman be appointed as the head of the Metropolitan Police – Cressida Dick while Shami Chakrabarti has joined the House of Lords but there is a lot to do to get to equality.This year Coolherbals has the honour of organizing The International Women’s Day Event held on…

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