Is your workplace ageing you?

Did you know that from where you sit with what you drink at your workplace could affect how fast you age? Here are a few things that can affect how fast you age:

The window seat

The window seat affects how fast you age because glass only blocks out UVB rays, the rays that cause sunburn but UVA rays are still let through the glass window, these rays can cause your skin to age prematurely. Exposed skin should be protected using a high SPF.

Use Coolherbals Oil Free Rehydrating Gel to moisturise and hydrate the skin and it is also effective for cooling inflamed skin due to sunburn or spots


Are you relying on coffee and tea to get through the day? Small amounts of the caffeine benefits skin by promoting cell regeneration. Consuming large amounts of caffeine can have opposite effects and may cause dehydration as caffeine draws moisture out of your skin. By using a day cream with ingredients such as sunflower oil will help keep the moisture barriers healthy. Use Coolherbals Skin Nutrient Cream.

Air- conditioner

There are many effects of using the air-con when it comes to your skin. An air con of longtime use can affect the skin’s natural moisture balance, meaning it can dry out severely. By keeping a hydrating spray, you can prevent getting dry skin and stay with the natural moisture. Use Coolherbals Skinelle oil, by adding a few drops on the face it hydrates, soothes and moisturises dry and sensitive skin.

Computer screen

According to experts the blue light rays emitted by computer screens can penetrate into the layers of your skin and can break down the collagen and elastin that maintain a youthful look. By using Coolherbals Intensive Eye Crème it helps fade dark circles and stimulates and brightens eye area by reducing the appearance of under-eye puffiness. It also contains natural brightening extracts that can help to shield skin against dark spot inducing rays.

Use Coolherbals Apricot & Papaya Glow Exfoliator which can be used as a mask to remove the toxins and pores, giving a natural brightening glow. It also contains natural alpha hydroxy fruit acids that help to slough off dead skin to leave a brighter complexion.

Desk germs

Bacteria can accumulate if your phones are not cleaned regularly. The pressure of the phone against your skin can trap the oil from your pores, this creates blemishes which result in scarring. By using a skin mattifying spray it can help prevent the excess oil production.

Use Coolherbals Amla Extra Firming Toner/Freshener, this helps to close pores and reduce oiliness. It also rejuvenates cells and keeps skin smooth and blemish free.

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