Can Yoga Promote Hair Growth?

Can Yoga Promote Hair Growth?
  • Yoga is a spiritual discipline which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and soul. The name yoga is derived from Sanskrit. There are several asanas in yoga and each one of them helps you building strength of your body.
  • The yoga asanas or postures helps in improving blood circulation which can release the toxins from your body. Doing yoga daily can benefit you in many ways including weight loss, hair loss, heart diseases and other conditions.
  • In this article let us focus on how yoga can help you in preventing hair fall.
  • Doing Yoga asanas helps to reduce cortisol levels which are associated with stress levels, an important factor for hair loss. Yoga also helps to promote blood circulation to the head making the cells receive more oxygen and perform well. This is also good for your nervous system.
  • Yoga can treat some of the hair conditions which include Hair loss, Hair fall, Thinning hair, Premature greying, Stagnant hair regrowth.
  • Yoga poses which can promote hair growth are:
  • Adho mukha savasana (Downward Dog Pose)

    Adho mukha savasana

This is an upside V shaped asana. Being upside down can help increase the blood flow and oxygen to the scalp which reduce hair loss.

  • Maytsyasana (Fish pose)

    Maytsyasana (Fish pose)

In this pose you drop your head back which increases the blood flow throughout your head. This pose can also reduce anxiety and fatigue as it stimulates the muscles of abdomen.

  • Uttasana (Standing Forward Bend)

    Uttasana (Standing Forward Bend)

    Uttasana (Standing Forward Bend)

This is a forward fold pose. It stretches the back and legs and helps in encouraging blood flow to the scalp.

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