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Can baldness stop you from going ahead?

According to study, bald people are more likely to lose out on work – and even marriage –  because hair loss is discouraged in society. According to experts, the effect of baldness is not only cosmetic, but also has a psychological impact on people’s self-confidence, which can affect their life chances. Due to mistaken beliefs…

Prepare for summer with natural hair care products

Prepare for summer. 7 Tips for a beautiful hair

Although we are glad to be just weeks away from summer, the strong sun, high temperatures and the humidity in the air are factors that will affect our locks leading to the appearance of dry, frizzy hair, hard to care for and arrange. No matter what hair type you have, in the summer the hair will suffer unless you follow few simple…

Vitamins for healthy hair

Top Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Hair is mainly made up of proteins (97%) and a healthy diet, rich in protein, fresh water, fruits and vegetables is essential to maintain the voluminous and glossy appearance of the hair. If you choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle, not only your body but your hair will benefit from it. When instead there is a vitamin deficiency in the body that is…

Living with Hormonal Imbalance. What You Can Expect

For maintaining a good health, it is very important to know when you have a hormonal imbalance because hormones play an important role in the functioning of the body. Hormones influence us in many ways: – our growth and development – mood – body temperature – how we metabolize the foods – sexual functionality See below…

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