Best natural skincare solutions for dry skin

Dry skin problems? Wonder how to solve them? Let’s start with the beginning – dehydration. As a result of dehydration, our skin suffers and becomes dry, but this is not the factor that can cause epidermis problems. Certain cosmetics we use may be incompatible with our skin type or the environmental factors can make our skin become sensitive. To help the skin shine and be healthy we need to include the following steps into our daily skincare routine.

1.Exfoliation. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week, using either commercially available cosmetics or some natural scrubs we women can do at the home.

Coffee and sugar are just two ingredients that can be a solution for natural scrubs that will make wonders for our dry skin. Alternatively, you can try natural skin care cosmetics that use only the finest Ayurvedic botanicals like Coolherbals Sandalwood Exfoliator. It contains a soothing blend of sandalwood, turmeric and mineral rich clays to smooth complexion and help draw out toxins.

2.Make natural masks at home. When you have free time, try to make at home your own natural masks that can give your skin the necessary nutrients. As an example, a mixture of honey and cinnamon will cleanse your skin and make it silkier.

3.Use cosmetics from the same range. It’s a good reason behind this. The results are more of an impact if the cosmetics you use belong to the same range. Thus, there is no risk that the ingredients they contain will cancel each other’s effect.

Best natural skincare solutions for dry skin4.Treat yourself occasionally with gold facials. Even if the cost of a gold facial is higher than a normal facial, it will do wonders for the skin.

Gold has been used for centuries to beautify and rejuvenate.  A gold facial adds radiance and glow and detoxify. It also removes negative ions. Coolherbals new 24-carat gold facial (including an ayurvedic facial massage) recharges dull and tired skin to reveal a youthful and glowing complexion.

This age-defying facial, infused with 24 carat  Gold and botanicals help to hydrate and brighten the skin, reducing wrinkles and morning facial puffiness. Ask your beautician for Coolherals 24 carat gold facial and pamper your skin with the best skin care products.

5.Use olive oil to hydrate the skin. Olive oil is great for dry skin and can be used for problematic areas such as elbows and knees, but also for those areas that are more exposed, such as the face or hands. This natural remedy is highly moisturizing without fattening the skin if it is not used in excess.

6.Drink as many liquids as possible. Drinking as many liquids as possible ( water, natural teas and clear soups) during the day makes your skin preserve vitality, smoothness and shine.

7.Protect yourself from the sun even if it’s winter. The sunscreen should be used in winter as well as in summer. Our skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation every day once we get out of the house, and without proper care,  the skin may age prematurely and lose its beauty.

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