What is your Tummy type?

Your health can be reflected on the type of tummy you have. There are four types of stomachs and your tummy type can give you more information about your health.

Women become more distressed during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Mummy tummy is a condition which occurs to women after childbirth. Due to the media portrayals, people expect women to get back to their normal bodies in no time which is not the real case. Having a mummy tummy can be as serious illness called ‘Diastasis Reci’.
During pregnancy there will be a separation of abdominal muscles which leads to mummy tummy and it is a common condition among new mothers ‘It is a fairly common condition though and means there has been a separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy.

Bloated and distended tummies are a condition caused by excessive food intake or eating too fast. It does not relate to fat but is due to digestive disorders leading to tummy fat. A bloated stomach often feels tight, painful and full, and the most common cause is excess gas.
Your stomach feels full, tight and painful when you have bloated tummy which can be caused by gas due to excessive food intake. It can also be caused by food intolerance so contact your doctor for any treatments. For women, they may have bloated tummy during their menstruation and can go for probiotics to relieve.

A hormonal tummy is a condition caused by hormones. If your stomach feels soft at the front and in your lower back it might be due to hormonal imbalance in your body. It is usual in women but should be treated as hormones help in regulating many other body functions such as stress, metabolism, mood etc.
Hormonal issues can increase your weight and also the fat around your abdomen knows as belly fat. Women in premenopausal to post menopause stage experience with belly fat and unexpected weight gain. Reducing hormonal tummy can be quite challenging for women even after several diets and exercises.
Use Coolherbals Advanced multivitamin for women to gain strength during your menopausal stage and to lose weight naturally.

People who consume too much alcohol can suffer with alcohol tummy which can lead to fatty liver. Consuming too much beer or wine may lead to having a round stomach. Also alcohol alone is not responsible for this condition; it might be from sugary beverages as well which can increase fat around your abdomen.
Increased weight due to alcohol can lead to large belly and fatty liver. Fatty liver is dangerous as it does not indicate any signs or symptoms, but they can include an enlarged liver, fatigue and abdomen pain. This disease can cause scarring and irreversible damage to the liver, and can progress to cirrhosis (scarring) and organ failure. Reduce alcohol intake, exercise regularly and have balanced diet including lots and lots of fruits and veggies including water to avoid serious illness

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