Category: Health

Best Foods for Healthy Hair

We all love long and healthy hair and there are many factors which can affect the growth of your hair. We tend to try different shampoos and other medications for hair in order to have a healthy growth and reduce hair fall. Have you ever thought that food can also affect your hair and its…

October is Black History Month. Time to celebrate

October is Black History Month, and here at Coolherbals, we want to use this time as an opportunity for celebration and awareness. Where would society be today without inventors and positive creations of Black people in the community? They have contributed greatly to our society and their input is now recognised and appreciated. People from…

Best practices for oral health

BEST PRACTICES FOR ORAL HEALTH In this blog post; we want to discuss with you a tried and tested method to detox both; the oral cavity and the body. This is a powerful technique known as Oil Pulling; found in the ancient Indian scriptures used to purify the body; and now modern science also acknowledges…

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