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Skin Care Blog CoolSlim Blog Better Health Blog  Anti-Aging Skin Amla Extra Firming Astringent Neem & Brahmin Skin Rejuvenating Wash\r\n \r\nIntensive Eye Cream Problematic Skin Medicated Microfoliator Special Formula Skin Clearer\r\n \r\nSweet Almond and Aloe Vera Cleanser Skin Radiant Crème Oil Free Rehydrating Gel Intensive Eye Crème Medicated Microfoliator Normal or Glowing Skin Apricot and…

Debunked myths on daily skin routine

Debunked myths on daily skin routine

I’m sure you’ve heard by now hundreds of tips on how and what to do daily to look after your complexion and skin. Definitely, you have used dozens of different brands of cosmetics and tried at least 10 different beauty salons by now. However, there are certain things that every woman should know and that…

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