Anti-ageing advice for a youthful neck 

There are lots of factors at play when it comes to an ageing neck. Daily skin care is importantThere are lots of factors at play when it comes to an ageing neck. One crucial fact to remember is that our neck isn’t made up of fatty tissue, so the skin is drier, more delicate and less elastic. This means that as we age it will become more lined and saggy looking as collagen and elastin fibres in our body weaken. Crepey skin leads to the dreaded “turkey neck.” Daily application of an SPF 30 sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays will help delay the process. Still, if you want your neck to match your face, here’s how to keep it youthful for a longer period of time:

  1. Cleanse and tone your neck morning and night.

The skin on both neck and décolletage is thinner than the skin on our faces, so it’s very fragile. It gets stretched and turned and twisted all day. We often skip it when applying sunscreen.  Selecting the right products and applying them carefully to the neck every day will make a difference over time. You should cleanse and tone your neck morning and night without exception. Massage your neck with a moisturising cream using upwards motions to boost circulation so nutrients are delivered where they’re needed. Use a dedicated neck-specific cream every day.

  1. Exfoliate your neck and chest.

Using a gentle cleansing brush or a glycolic acid will slough away dead skin cells and allow serums and moisturisers to penetrate deeper into your skin. It’s highly important to use a neck-specific moisturiser, making sure that your daily creams contain niacin (a B vitamin that strengthens the skin barrier to attract and lock in moisture), hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to repair environmental damage.

What about neck “wraps”?

AntiAgeing NeckFirming Treatment

The professionally developed scientific formula of this neck wrap tighten and tone saggy neck

If your neck and chest are looking very weathered, an Anti-Aging Neck Wrap may help. The professionally developed scientific formula of the neck wraps tighten and tone saggy neck and chin muscles without costly plastic surgery. You can try Coolherbals Anti-Aging Neck Firming Wrap, an innovative 2 step treatment to give a younger looking neck in 30 minutes. The Neck Wrap has essential anti-ageing oils impregnated into the tightly fitting wrap and natural anti-ageing firming herb extracts – Red Wine Extract which is a rich antioxidant for anti-ageing effects as well as Siloxanetriol, Squalene, Peptides and Coriander and Fennel.

  1. Cover your neck completely with a scarf.

It will keep you protected from the sun’s damaging rays, cold or rain. Before going out use a neck-lifting cream too – preferably it should contain retinol and peptides to encourage production of collagen and add firmness to the neck.

  1. Do sport and perfect your posture

If you are an active individual weekly session of training will help exercise the muscles in your neck. At home or at the office sit up straight and tilt your head to look at the ceiling. Bring your bottom lip over your top lip, as if you’re trying to touch your nose, and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times. This simple exercise will help your muscles to be toned and your neck looking smooth.

  1. Eat omegas at dinner.

Try dressing salads or sandwiches in flaxseed oil for a dose of fatty acids, and make omega-3 rich foods a daily meal. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are an essential tool in the body’s natural production of collagen. If you eat your omegas after 6 pm, they’re unlikely to be broken down into fuel for other bodily functions by the time you go to bed, so your body can use them to repair your skin. Eat at least one portion of salmon, mackerel or sardines a week and take a daily fish-oil supplement. Pomegranates, acai berries, blueberries and green tea also help you stock up on antioxidants.

6.   Stop smoking

Heavy smokers are almost five times more likely to have excessive wrinkling than non-smokers. While you smoke the substances you inhale damage collagen, and lip pursing and squinting while inhaling creates wrinkles in the delicate skin directly under your chin.

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