Skincare routine, do’s and don’ts

In a world that is spinning out of control, are we still having time to give our skin the proper TLC? Most importantly, do we do it correctly?

Skin Care Routine

Before even start answering those questions we need to find out our skin type:

– Normal or Combination skin (tends to be oily along the T-zone and dry on the cheeks)

– Oily skin

– Dry or Mature skin

– Sensitive skin 

Once you have figure out the answer to this dilemma, you can start by using a gentle cleanser that won’t strip away too much oil and will still help you eradicate dirt and dead skin cells trapped in pores. After that, it’s all about water.

Don’t take too many showers throughout the day as water can have a drying effect on your epidermis. And no matter how busy you always moisturize immediately after showering.

Do drink plenty of water daily (bottled, filtered, or tap water) as it is essential for a healthy complexion. The water will flush out toxins and keep you running efficiently. Fruits and veggies are also good sources of H20.

Don’t drink too much coffee. Well, this is actually much easier to say, and harder to do. Coffee is delicious and makes life easier when you Skincare routine, do's and don'ts. Use coffee scrubshave tones of things to finish, kids to prepare for the day, deadlines to meet. While a cup a day may keep you alert, more than that will send your whole body into chaos and have your skin dehydrating.

Do pamper your skin with coffee. Face masks, body scrubs and treatments that contain coffee will make your skin look brighter, help you get rid of cellulite and are the perfect antidote to under-eye pouches.

Don’t apply too many face products at once. I know all video tutorials on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are hitting millions of viewers on how to put on a tone of makeup but that is not what a normal dermatologist will recommend. Yes, it will make you look fantastic for a couple of hours but it will also irritate your skin.

Do nourish your skin with a multitasking moisturizer, ideally, one that contains vitamin C and retinoic acid, useful for keeping your skin hydrated and fresh.

Don’t over massage your skin or touch your face constantly. A facial massage will provide a healthy glow and help you be more relaxed but stimulating the skin too much will irritate sensitive skin and worsen acne end eczema. Furthermore, touching your face without washing your hands first will just put tones of bacterial content onto your skin.

Do use a 5 minutes massage technique on the clean skin when applying your morning or night creams and serums.

As we stop here for now with our Skincare routine, do’s and don’ts, we want to invite you to share with us other exciting tips on the subject and how to best implement them. Let us know in the comments below.

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