5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Slow the Aging Process

The early signs of grey hair and wrinkles can send us into panic. Fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes, the dark spots and dry skin will always make us look aged and tired. However, much of the way we look and feel depends on how we treat our body, the foods we eat, stress management, and overall lifestyle. With only  30% of the ageing process genetically determined, that leaves us with 70% to control, and if you’re over 35 years old but want to look in your 20’s, is time to give up the hectic lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits.

Factors to eliminate from your daily routine

·   lack of exercise

·   excessive alcohol consumption

·   smoking

·   lack of sleep

·   negative attitude

How to slow down the ageing process

·         adopt healthy eating and exercising ( eat fresh fruits like papaya, blueberries, strawberries, sweet limes, oranges, and kiwis)

·         give up sugar and artificial sweeteners  ( go for dark chocolate as it has fewer calories and contains antioxidants)

·         reduce the consumption of salt

·         avoid prolonged sun exposure on holidays  (solar rays are much stronger in our days and more harmful to the skin)

·         do everything you can to avoid stress (stress leads to issues like sleeplessness, depression, heart disease, excessive weight gain or loss)

How To Slow Down The Signs Of Aging

One other major factor in our forever young quest is the way we feel about ourselves. Feeling mentally and physically tired is a major symptom, which may affect our social and professional lives. A negative attitude can also lead to many health problems and social issues. So give up all your grudges, frustrations and worries. Adopt a positive attitude and start by being grateful for all the life experiences you’ve had so far. On a day to day basis, consume plenty of water and ensure you carry a good moisturiser with you at all times. As our body changes and some of us go through the menopause or hormonal imbalances, the skin tends to become dry due to intense moisture loss. This makes you look older so a skin-nourishing cream or lotion will solve the problem. For the hair, use organic shampoos and conditioners and do not be afraid to try natural treatments such as egg, honey or aloe vera on your hair.

Must do

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Make sure you stay hydrated and use enough moisturizer on your skin. Wash and cleanse your face every day with water and a good cleanser and always use a natural anti-aging day cream with an SPF.

 Must-Have Skincare Products in Your 30s:

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·         Cleanser – Coolherbals Sweet Almond & Aloe Vera Cleanser. The gel cleanses deeply the pores, gently removes dirt, grime, and make-up. Detoxifies and heals skin.

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