Can CoolSlim Body wrap help my dry skin?

CoolSlim Body Wrap helps you lose weight and stay healthyThe CoolSlim Body wrap can work with any weight loss diet or plan. There are various factors that cause weight to be put on and these too need to be addressed.

However one of the pleasant effects of the CoolSlim Body wrap is that it helps in dry skin. The procedure of compacting tissue through wrapping and removal of toxins and fat through the wrapping procedure helps to tone and firm. The fat cells are reduced and removed through the skin or through the lymphatic channels. The wrapping moulds the shape to a firmer looking body.

The minerals in the Gopichand clay and seaweed in the CoolSlim clay helps in moisturizing, softening and conditioning the skin further.

It is believed that by drawing out bacteria and toxins by the paste, the skin is allowed to breathe better.  By removing harmful substances from the skin, cell turnover is enhanced so that newer softer firmer skin cells are seen.

In this way, the CoolSlim Body wrap helps in slimming and in dry skin

Ravi Bhanot

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