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CoolSlim Plan

Welcome to the Coolherbals CoolSlim Plan! If you have had enough of low calorie diets, food combining, powdered milk and food, drugs, complicated exercise regimens perhaps it is because your body just wants a good healthy balanced diet containing the right food. Low calorie diets do not work. When we eat less calories than our…

How to lose weight after birth | Coolherbals

How to lose weight after birth

You are a new mum and you want to lose weight 3, 7…10 kg, but the problem is you are not really succeeding. The tummy does not want to disappear, the cellulite and stretch marks are still there. Well, you’re not alone! Most mothers have to face this challenge. Coolherbals professionals gives you some advice…

15 Foods That Help You lose weight

15 Foods That Help You lose weight

Sounds great, right? And they actually work. With this foods, according to Sushma Bhanot, author of Slimmer in 1 Hour Slim Forever you will be able to eat good, tasty meals and losing weight without trying drastic measures.  1. Eat more foods made on the grill or boiled, salads, vegetables and spinach. These should not be missed…

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