Spring into shape – lose weight effectively

It’s easier to lose 1-2 kilograms now that Spring is here! Now we have more daylight, you can do more sports like Spring into shape – lose weight effectivelyrunning or walking after work. Also, fruits and vegetables are more varied which helps you be healthy and attractive! Here are some weight loss methods that you can try:

There is no need to do anything drastic with your diet. The idea is to adopt some good habits to lose weight quickly without putting your health at risk. Here’s what you should take into account:

1. Start running in the park

Now it gets dark later, you have plenty of time to get to the park and run or walk for at least half an hour! Make a weekly schedule of jogging or walking and try to follow it. For example, the easiest is to set yourself 2-3 days a week where you know you’ll go to the park to run or walk. Being outdoors is an enjoyable way to be healthy and lose weight, whilst at the same time getting your regular dose of Vitamin D.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are essential if you want to lose weight! When you are eating each meal, ensure your plate has a quarter of whole grains, quarter of proteins and half of the plate full with vegetables. Vary them as much as possible.

What you can choose: salads of all kinds, spinach, broccoli, radishes, cucumbers, onions, asparagus, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, rhubarb. Go for brightly coloured fruits like strawberries and oranges, which give you more energy.

3. Focus on salads

Experiment with as many types of salads: mixed salads, Chinese cabbage, radicchio, and add as many colourful seasonal vegetables! Therefore, not only will it make more diverse salads, but you give your body more antioxidants. This will help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Tips: Make your own salad dressing and stay away from the trade ones, they are real calorie bombs. Try to focus on healthy dressing ingredients: Dijon mustard, olive oil, apple vinegar, spices.

4. Consider a detoxification

Besides the changes listed above, consider a small detoxification. It is a good time to do it after a long winter in which you eat fatty, heavy foods. Detoxification is simple in Spring because the right foods are widely available. In general, try to eat as many vegetables in liquid form. Make yourself juices, smoothies, soups and avoid semi-cooked products, sweets and coffee. Try to have a detox 1 day per week and this will be enough to lose weight quickly and in a natural way in Spring

Remember: Remember: eat what you normally eat and make sure you enjoy the 6 tastes, focusing on eating lower K energy foods.

Exercise, have the right self-image and ensure the body gets the food it needs for best digestion. Try also our CoolSlim Plan Kit containing 3 products created specially to ensure optimum weight loss. 

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