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What is the K factor in food

What is the K factor in food?

What is the K factor in food? According to ancient Indian or ayurvedic thinking the universe like us humans is made up of 5 elements ‐ water, earth, air, ether (space) and fire. Food too is made of these elements. No food has the same amounts of these – a combination of these elements make different…

slimming the natural way

Top tips on slimming

Slimming plans on your agenda? Before rushing into strict diets and make yourself feel miserable, there are a few things you need to do first. Read our recommendation below and follow this simple steps that will help you lose weight the right way. 1. Don’t go on a diet –they do not work . .…

8 simple rules to lose weight

8 simple rules to lose weight

Trying to lose weight is never easy and there are plenty of moments on the way when you will feel like giving up. Here at Coolherbals we strongly believe in slimming naturally, without drastic diets and wonder solutions. We have been developing CoolSlim Diet and a CoolSlim Plan to help people lose weight and stay healthy without…

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