Things to Eat for a Flat Stomach

Tired of diets and uncertainties? Struggling to have a flat stomach before the warm weather settles in? We will let you in on a little secret: it takes more energy to digest protein than it does to digest fat. How is this helping you? Well, the more protein you eat, the more calories your body burns. So add the fat burning foods mentioned below to your diet and they will help trim your waistline:

Things to Eat for a Flat Stomach

It is all about the eggs

Eggs are super high in protein and can help you burn that unwanted belly fat. They contain the vitamin B12 a great supplement for breaking down fat cells. Eat them in the mornings and they will have a minimal impact on blood cholesterol. However, if you’re still worried about your overall cholesterol intake, you can remove the yolk and still benefit from the high protein contained in eggs.


What to eat foraq Flat stomach. BeansThey are a very good source of protein, fiber and iron and some of the best kinds of beans to eat are navy beans, white beans, kidney beans and lima beans. Keep in mind that refried beans are a NO-NO.  They contain tonnes of saturated fat, while baked beans are usually loaded with sugar. Here’s something else to remember: cook your beans thoroughly because our digestive tracks are not adapted to breaking down some proteins that are contained in certain beans.


It has great nutritional qualities and eating more oatmeal (unsweetened and unflavoured!) will help you lower your cholesterol level and have a flat stomach. That’s because oatmeal is loaded with soluble fibre which helps reduce blood cholesterol by flushing those bad digestive acids out of your system. If you must sweeten your bowl of oatmeal, do so by adding fruits, a handful of raisins or dried cranberries. Oatmeal is also beneficial in fighting colon cancer and heart disease.

Whole grains

We all need carbohydrates. If you go without them completely the body will start to crave them. Just reduce or eliminate the processed carbohydrates that are the bad factor for you: the white bread, bagels, pasta, and white rice. Instead, try eating whole grain foods because they haven’t been processed and contain the fibre and minerals your body needs.


A study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology suggests ginger may have a unique ability to accelerate gastric emptying. Freshly grated ginger is delicious in marinades and salad dressings, or pick up a box of ginger tea for a soothing digestive. Use also black pepper as studies have found that piperine may also have the profound ability to interfere with the formation of new fat cells—a reaction known as adipogenesis, resulting in a decrease in waist size, body fat, and cholesterol levels. Use cinnamon as often as possible. It contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols that are proven to alter body composition and improve insulin sensitivity.  Sprinkle cinnamon in your morning oats for a smaller waist, fewer cravings, and appetite control. Add mustard to your meal, and feel the change! Scientists at England’s Oxford Polytechnic Institute found that by eating 1 teaspoon of prepared mustard (about 5 calories) can boost the metabolism by up to 25 percent for several hours after eating and help you have a flat stomach inno time.

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