Turmeric – the miracle spice with 500+ benefits

With over 580 benefits turmeric is one of the strongest natural antioxidants a popular spice containing more than 300 antioxidants, having anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, helping you heal from inside while making you more beautiful!

Turmeric is a spice extracted from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, extremely popular and appreciated in the Indian subcontinent. It is widely used in the kitchen, in healing and in Ayurvedic medicine for over 4000 years.

Drink warm Turmeric Water every morning for 12 months, as it is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. The result from consumers drinking this resulted in amazing pH levels, which alkalized the body, improved digestion and arthritis symptoms.

How to prepare Turmeric Water

In a glass of warm water, add a teaspoon of ground turmeric with a pinch of black pepper and stir well. Drink the whole amount immediately, whilst it is warm.  The turmeric water should be consumed every morning.

Amazing properties of curcumin:

• Promotes heart health. Its main ingredient, curcumin, eliminates plaque from the blood vessels and prevents the formation of blood clots.

• Reverses type 2 diabetes.

• Alkalizes your body. Turmeric is highly alkaline, and cancer thrives in an acidic environment only.

Protects your brain & organism by efficiently fighting inflammations.

Anti-Cancer Properties due to its strong antioxidants, protecting cells from damage.

Relieves arthritis symptoms. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory and helps in treating swelling and pain.

Improves digestion with regular consumption of turmeric.

Liver protection against the dangerous consequences of toxins, effectively regenerating the damaged liver cells.

Decelerates aging and promotes longevity. Curcumin successfully destroys free radicals and prevents inflammation, and thus decelerates the aging process.

Turmeric has been used as a beauty product for centuries. It is an inexpensive and natural way of treating skin problems like acne, oily and dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, burns, stretch marks, improving skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. You can add a pinch of Turmeric to your moisturiser to brighten the skin using it twice weekly to give you glowing, beautiful, healthy and younger looking skin!

Skincare products containing Turmeric - Coolherbals Sandalwood ExfoliatorTake a look also at Skincare products containing Turmeric:

Coolherbals Sandalwood Exfoliator has been specially developed for smoothing the skin and reducing pores, based on a blend of Sandalwood and Turmeric used for centuries for beautifying the skin.

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