Join the Happy Hair, Happy Me campaign

Having problems with hair loss or hair thinning? Join Happy Hair, Happy Me campaign and get a 3 month’s Free supply of award winning products specially created to fight hair loss. Volunteers wanted now!

This spring Nutrigo is looking for participants for a project on hair loss and hair thinning.

If you want to join our campaign or recommend to us someone that you know needs help fighting hair loss please register by:

*sending an email with your name, surname, phone number and email address to: [email protected]

* Calling 020 8597 9039 and talk to one of our staff members

Each selected participant will receive FREE supplies of Nutrigo Shampoo, Nutrigo Serum for 3 months, Nutrigo Hair Food Capsules and 1 LED Scalp Roller to test at home. These are natural innovative award winning products, using botanicals. All you have to do is:

  1. Use the LED Scalp Roller daily to the affected area(s) – if this is applicable to you. Then apply the Nutrigro Hair Serum to the affected area(s) 

  2. Take two capsules of Nutrigro Hair Food capsules daily 

  3. Use Nutrigro Shampoo when you normally wash your hair 

*If selected you will have to fill out a questionnaire and work alongside the Nutrigo team by providing accurate reviews on the progress and results of your trial. This will include photographs.

This spring, try a natural way of fighting hair loss, take a more proactive step and join our Happy Hair, Happy Me campaign.

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