Coolslim Body Wrap – Professional Kit

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CoolSlim Body Wrap is the UK’s No.1 natural slimming wrap – easiest, quickest, simplest and effective therapy to lose inches within one hour!

• Excellent profits
• No wet bandages
• No showers needed
• Clinically tested-100 % found inch loss


The CoolSlim Body wrap is the easiest, quickest, simplest and effective therapy to lose inches within one hour!

It can help reduce fat from stomachs, hips, thighs, buttocks or upper arms within an hour and with instantly visible results.

It is the only Body wrap which incorporates an ayurvedic slimming massage – for breaking cellulite and fat reduction.

• Coolherbals CoolSlim Slimming Oil 1L
• Coolherbals CoolSlim Body Wrap Paste 6kg
• CoolSlim Ayurvedic Slimming Powder 250gm
• CoolSlim Firming Lotion 500ml
• CoolSlim Sponge for Body Wrap 2
• Foil Blanket 2
• CoolSlim Wrapping Film, Small
• CoolSlim Wrapping Film, Large
• Coolherbals Body Brush 2
• CoolSlim Body Wrap Tape Measure 1

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Can CoolSlim Body wrap help my dry skin?

The CoolSlim Body wrap can work with any weight loss diet or plan. There are various factors that cause weight to be put on and these too need to be addressed. However one of the pleasant effects of the CoolSlim Body wrap is that it helps in dry skin.

CoolHerbals – CoolSlim Body Wrap — Amazing PR

Although we always have the best intention of toning up our bikini bodies, summer often comes and goes without a lot of difference to our physiques. Obviously, here at The Amazing Blog, we feel that it’s important to be comfortable in your own skin, whatever your size, but we do often wish we looked a little less wobbly in a swimming costume!

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Weight 3 kg

4 reviews for Coolslim Body Wrap – Professional Kit

  1. Smith

    Amazing product, i have noticed a big difference after using the kit.

  2. Jones

    Easy to use, affordable and effective product to lose weight.

  3. Williams

    I loved this product; it helped in burning fat and maintain good shape.

  4. Taylor

    I have lost inches after using cool slimbody wrap. I was amazed with the immediate results.

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