How do I reduce a double Chin?

Our double chin is something we definitely want to get rid because it’s one of the first things we see on our face. It is not easy to get rid of because when you gain weight, our chin like any other part of our body accumulates fat and fluid toxins. This may be due to the aging weight gain or due to inheritary factors. Try some of our tips to eliminate your double chin

1. Eat Lots Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables.

• Hydration will help flush away toxins. Eat a high fibre diet and avoid fast foods – this will add to your fat.

2.Try These Mouth And Facial Exercises
– open your mouth and push your jaw upwards
– now forward
– extend your lower teeth to touch your upper lip
– do this 10 to 15 times
– repeat three times a day.

Use the Coolherbals Chin Firming Treatment which is an effective 2 step treatment to help maintain a perfect profile and help “lift” a sagging chin. Coolherbals CoolSlim Chin Firming Paste and the Firming Serum have a unique formula containing collagen, siloxanetriol and botanical oils to help give a firm and refined appearance. When a double chin is treated, it will take about 5 wraps. Use the Firming Serum daily and the Wrap every other day.

What Makes CoolSlim® Chin Firming Wrap Special?

Wrap your way to a more beautiful chin profile! This remarkable, professionally developed scientific formula tightens and tones saggy neck and chin muscles without costly plastic surgery. The CoolSlim® Chin Firming treatment was researched and developed by Coolherbals as a natural spa treatment. It is used in spas across Britain and around the world.  This professionally developed scientific formula tightens and tones saggy neck and chin muscles without costly plastic surgery. It contains Red Wine Extract which is a rich antioxidant property for anti-aging effects. The Gopichand Clay Blend tightens pores and detoxifies. The Chin Firming Serum has natural herb extracts such as Squalene and Siloxantriol and Peptides Cloves and Fenugreek with astringent and skin firming properties. There is collagen for skin firming and seaweed extracts which increase local metabolism and promote cell regeneration. The CoolSlim® Chin Firming Wrap is a natural innovative chin wrap treatment for tightening and lifting the chin area. It includes a Coolherbals CoolSlim® Chin Firming Paste, a Coolherbals® Chin Firming Serum and a CoolSlim® Chin Hydrogel Band. It can be used by anyone who wants a more defined chin profile.

How do you use the CoolSlim® Chin Treatment?

Apply paste to the chin to cover thinly. Strap tightly the CoolSlim® Chin Hydrogel band. Leave for 30 minutes. Remove any remnants of paste with a moist tissue/towel. Apply the Coolherbals Firming lotion. See the results.

Do the inches come back?

Eventually unless you make diet and lifestyle changes. Follow the CoolSlim Plan to slim, tips and healthy lifestyle. Continue using the CoolSlim® Chin Wrap weekly.

3.Surgery. Lipectomy or Neck Lift.

A more drastic action for those who have a serious problem.


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