What Factors Make You Choose Certain Skincare Products?

Christmas shopping frenzy already began and made us wonder what is it that determines us to pick What Factors Make You Choose Certain Skincare Products? up from the shelves a specific product. Out of all the offers and specials deals, how do we choose and what will trigger the choice? We have asked some of our clients and sum up the answers.

Factor 1- Reviews

Many of us are doing the online shopping. It’s easier, less fuss and we get the comfort of having the products deliver at home. If it is online, then seeing what feedback other people have put regarding the quality of the product (e.g. the number of stars people have put, their own personal comments added, etc.) helps us choose. Also, the more reviews we see on the product the more reliable appears to be. In reality, reviews can be very deceiving. If we are talking about skincare, hair loss or slimming products, then be careful. The products can have amazing effects on some people and none so ever on others. This does not mean that the product is inefficient. It only goes to show that all of us are different and that we should buy a prodNatural Products to Useuct only after carefully verify that it’s suited for our type of skin or the specific hair problem we have. 

Factor 2 – Ingredients of the Product

As always, we recommend the use of natural products, as they are free from chemicals and can be used without side effects on all types of skin. They are more reliable, and safer. So read carefully the labels and look at the ingredients.  Make sure not to buy products containing SLS, parabens and harsh chemicals. It won’t be beneficial for your health and in the end, health is all that matters.

Factor 3 – What the Product has to Offer

When going to buy a product (online or in shops) is always helpful to have a broad description available that will help you better understand what the product has to offer. The more details we have on the benefits of the ingredients and the effect they have on the skin/ body/hair, the better, otherwise we have to rely on reviews (even more than we already do) and it can be difficult. Our recommendation – do a little search before choosing a specific brand or product for your skin care. Keep in mind your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it and anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds. Some are even “designed” to penetrate the skin quickly and easily, like nanoparticles and the enhancers found in many lotions and sunscreens which can harm you in the long term.

Factor 4 – Seeing the Product Suggested & Advertised 

If the product has been suggested in an article, by a blogger online, a celebrity in an article or it’s just been mentioned somewhere publicly that increases the chances of a person buying it. This is one of the biggest factors brands are counting on. See a product often enough and you will be predisposed to buy it as the overall reliability increases. It’s how the human minds work. Advertising a product is important but where it’s advertised can increase its appeal as it targets people free time (just think of all those Facebook ads!). On the other hand, a big marketing budget does not mean a great product. Seeing a product suggested makes it seem very helpful since that product comes to mind first when someone is out shopping. Plus, if a blogger, the journa

Natural Products Recommended by a friend

list who wrote the article or the celebrity posing with the product say they use it you will be convinced that it works. In reality, more than 80% of all articles and recommendations you see in the lifestyle & fashion blogs and magazines are paid publicity. Before any purchase, make sure you are influenced by the quality of the products and not their advertising campaign. 

Factor 5 – Who Has Reviewed the Product. Word of Mouth

The wright person reviewing one product can influence whether another person buys it or not. For example, if the product is seen in a magazine, but then a friend or family member tells you about another product they’ve been using and it has worked for them, you are more likely to use the one your friend has used. A review in a magazine is paid for therefore not as reliable but the word of mouth will always work. It’s also a rapid way of finding out if the product is effective or not. So do not be shy about asking your friends about the skincare products they are using.

Factor 6 – The Price

Although it is listed the last, the price of a product is very important. It is all about being affordable and within the budget. Sometimes it can also give you a hint about how good the product is.

A cheap product tends to have plenty of chemicals and cheap ingredients that keep the cost of production low. You end up with a skincare product that will not ruin your holiday budget but that also doesn’t have a lot to offer. If the price is too high then we are hesitant in buying it as we are not sure the results will worth the priced we have paid.  Nonetheless, it would still be smarter though to buy a more expensive product than a cheaper one that doesn’t offer a lot. Internet today offers us the possibility of finding out all about the products we intend to use. Before deciding on a purchase, make sure the ratio price/quality is good and you are getting the best product possible. And although the organic and natural skincare products tend to be a bit pricier than the commercials ones, they work and are quite safe. 

Take a look at our natural skincare products and see which one works for you.

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