Can baldness stop you from going ahead?

According to study, bald people are more likely to lose out on work – and even marriage –  because hair loss is discouraged in society.

According to experts, the effect of baldness is not only cosmetic, but also has a psychological impact on people’s self-confidence, which can affect their life chances.

Due to mistaken beliefs that hair loss is contagious, people with hair loss are less likely to be seen as employable, desirable, or intelligent.

The results,  according to Harvard Medical School researchers, highlights the need for improved hair growth therapies as well as more empathy. Male pattern baldness, which affects the scalp, and alopecia areata, which can affect any part of the body and is believed to be caused by the immune system attacking hair follicles, are two distinct forms of alopecia.

Some forms cause temporary hair loss, while others are permanent and may result in complete hair loss.

Researchers used computer-edited photographs of six subjects with full hair, partial hair loss, and complete baldness to assess perceptions of baldness. Over 2000 volunteers were shown one picture of each at random. Those in which the subject had a full head of hair were scored more favourably on average, while those who were bald were scored lowest-29.8% said they looked sick, 21.4 percent said they were unattractive, and 6.2 percent said they were unemployed”. These data results confirm that hair loss may have negative associations with the way others view individuals with alopecia, which can impact their ability to communicate with others,” the researcher wrote in the journal JAMA dermatology.

This hair loss stigma can extend to the workplace. Respondents said they would be uncomfortable having physical contact with Alopecia patients or recruiting them for a job.

“Unfortunately, the findings of this study highlight problems we are aware of- Discrimination in the workplace is a fact,” said Dr Kerry Montgomery of Alopecia UK.

Individuals with alopecia have told us about negative responses from others, ranging from stares to questions to uninvited remarks to bullying. As a result, some people avoid socialising and going out.

There is a misconception that alopecia is infectious or that hair loss often indicates illness. This isn’t the case at all.


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