The Golden Silence

Why We Are Addicted To Whatsapp? We find ourselves in isolation. Could this be a good time to experience silence inside and outside our body?

The noise from external sources is being replaced with the quietness of the inner self. The outside noise has become our norm, our comfort zone. Now as we confront silence it feels uncomfortable even eerie for some.

Some will fill up the inner space with noises from social media channels, TV and phone to keep us connected to the outside world – to fill the void. Is this an escape to avoid the silence?

What if we use this inner silence to our benefit?

Could it perhaps bring us happiness and peace? It is said the silence and quiet is the home of our soul or consciousness. It is said that from this deep stillness gives birth to our soul. The soul feels comfort in silence. The mind feels relaxed. Answers to questions and anxieties are often revealed. So for 10 minutes close your eyes and in silence meditate.

I find focusing on the 3rd eye helps. This eye is looking inwards. It sees in the silence of the meditation what and where healing is required in the body. The mind-body and soul set to work on this to mend what they can.

Ravi Bhanot

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