How to Take Care Of Your Skin In The Summer Every Day

How to Take Care Of Your Skin In The Summer Every DayEvery summer our skin needs to be protected against the sun rays, the wind and pollution. No matter how busy your schedule is, here are 5 basic ways to take care of your skin.

1.Prevent Sun Damage

Sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems, as well as increase the risk of skin cancer. To prevent it, use a high protection sunscreen and wear protective clothing.


The exfoliation is a process which consists of rubbing slowly the skin to remove dirt and dead cells. Exfoliate your skin every day and you will avoid pores getting blocked. It will also help you to get the skin fresher and clearer.

3.Wash your face in the morning and the evening

It is important to wash your skin daily. No matter how busy you are it’s important to refresh in the morning and in the evening to remove makeup, dirt and perspiration which may be on your skin during the day.

4.Eat healthily and drink a lot of water

What you eat has consequences on your skin. Drink a lot of water to hydrate the body and skin!

5.Moisturizing is essential

In order to keep the skin well moisturized, it is important to choose a daily moisturizing skin care products that balance the level of hydration within the skin. You could use a moisturizing mask regularly too.

Natural Products For Your Daily Skin Care Routine

There are some natural ingredients which are very good for skin. We are starting our recommendation with Brahmi – a natural ingredient which helps in rejuvenating damaged skin and helps rebuilds healthy skin. Neem comes second as it helps clear acne, scars, pigmentation and blackheads.

Coolherbals Neem & Brahmi skin rejuvenating wash helps cleanse the skin from deep down and helps prevent spots and blemishes.

Sweet Almond helps to leave the skin soft and smooth. It improves complexion and moisturises deeply to rejuvenate skin. Aloe Vera is an antiviral and antibacterial agent, It is soothing and cooling and helps to reduce inflammation.

Protect Your Skin In Summer With Sweet Almond and Aloe Vera Cleanser

Sweet Almond & Aloe Vera cleanser improves complexion and moisturises deeply to rejuvenate skin

The Coolherbals Sweet Almond & Aloe Vera cleanser can be used to removes dirt, grime and makeup, it cleanses deeply the pores, soothes and detoxifies the skin.

Apricot is great to exfoliate sensitive skin. Use it to help you eliminate skin blemishes and maintain skin clarity, suppleness, and elasticity. Papaya will be a great help in reducing acne, helping to open clogged pores and dissolves dead cells. That’s why Coolherbals recommends the Apricot & Papaya Glow Exfoliator. It is a unique clay-based formula that gives a natural brightening glow.

Cacao is an ultimate moisturizer which keeps skin soft and supple. Coconut is a great skin softener. It leaves the skin moisturized.

The Skin Nutrients Crème from Coolherbals is a deep moisturising and nourishing cream which contains natural hydrating agents such as cacao, coconut and citrus lemon.

Always remember eating healthily particularly hydrated foods, such as fruits and vegetables should be part of your daily dietary habits.

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