Nutrigro Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Nutrigro Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner Set


The Coolherbals Nutrigro® Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner Set contains:

• Coolherbals Nutrigro® Serum

• Coolherbals Nutrigro® Shampoo

• Coolherbals Nutrigro® Conditioner

Contains Anti – Viral & Anti – Bacterial Properties. Helps to maintain hair during hair loss or hair thinning. Natural alternative.
Use Daily for maximum effect

(9 customer reviews)


Use the 3 products together for healthy hair and healthy follicles.

The Coolherbals Nutrigro® Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner Set contains:

• Coolherbals Nutrigro Serum

• Coolherbals Nutrigro Shampoo

• Coolherbals Nutrigro Conditioner

Nutrigro Serum is designed to be used daily on the scalp. Scientifically formulated, it contains botanical complexes, which keep the hair rigid and break resistant and help to clear the build up of dead cells around the follicles allowing growth of existing hair. The formulation is rich in vitamins and minerals to help maintain the growth of existing hair.

The sugar beet Betaine in the Serum is believed to improve the production of collagen making the hair bulb stronger. Betaine also increases production of energy molecules. The extra energy helps the hair function better during the growth (Anagen) phase of the hair.

The Fruit extracts help clear dead cells around the follicles. The acidic nature of the fruits makes perfect environment to keep the hair proteins rigid and breakage resistant.

Visnadine present in the botanical Visnaga, in the Serum, helps increase the skin temperature slightly. This increases the microcirculation to the hair roots. This gives the best conditions for healthy hair growth as it allows oxygen and nutrient delivery to the root of the hair.

Directions: Massage a small amount of Nutrigro® Serum into the scalp daily. If hair is breaking whilst combing or brushing apply a small amount of the Nutrigro® Serum from roots to ends daily.

• contains essential nutrients

• helps maintain a healthy scalp

• nourishes and protects hair

• contains natural botanicals

SLS & harsh chemical free

Nutrigro Hair Thinning Shampoo contains essential nutrients to help maintain a healthy scalp and existing hair growth. Nourishes and protects leaving hair looking and feeling thicker, beautifully clean and healthy.

Hair is 97% keratin, a protein. Nutrigro shampoo has phytokeratin in it – the building block of hair. Phytokeratin binds the three amino acids naturally present in sebum and in the hair to keep the hair moist, supple and strong. Phytokeratin has low molecular weight and can penetrate into hair improving its healthy appearance and adding moisture. It does not coat hair in the same way as other proteins. It leaves hair shining and sparkling.

The Tea Tree Oil, Sage and Lavender help unblock clogged hair follicles, moisturizes the hair and helps combat fungal and bacterial problems- sometimes a cause for blocked pores. Panthenol – a pro-vitamin, improves the manageability and shine to the hair.

Fenugreek has been traditionally used in India to strengthen hair. It is believed to increase blood flow and hence nutrients to the scalp.

The Shampoo base does not contain the harsh Lauryl Sulphates found in the majority of commercial shampoos. Some of the Laurly Sulphates can cause irritation to the scalp.

• repairs and hydrates hair

• helps maintain healthy growth of existing hair

• leaves hair silky and soft

For best results we recommend you take Nutrigro Capsules (Male, Female) & use Nutrigro Serum & Conditioner in conjunction with this shampoo.

Nutrigro Conditioner repairs, hydrates and helps maintain healthy growth of existing hair. It contains Fenugreek which has been traditionally used for healthy hair.

Fenugreek is a rich source of minerals. This helps dry lifeless hair and scalp. It also helps increase blood circulation to the scalp- helping bring in essential nutrients to the scalp.

• contains pure plant proteins

• thickens and strengthens hair

• adds volume to the hair

• improves hair’s overall appearance

For best results we recommend you take Nutrigro Capsules (Male, Female) & use Nutrigro Serum & Shampoo in conjunction with this conditioner.

Contains Anti – Viral & Anti – Bacterial Properties. Helps to maintain hair during hair loss or hair thinning. Natural alternative.
Use Daily for maximum effect

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9 reviews for Nutrigro Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner Set

  1. Graham

    I recommend natural solutions to people with thinning hair

  2. Valery

    Since the menopause my hair has not been as thick. I have used shampoos and conditioners but I felt the Nutrigro Hair System made my hair feel thicker and also there was hardly any hair coming out on the brush. I feel great.

  3. Paul

    Since the mid 30’s my hair has been thinning on the top. I was more aware of it and felt self-conscious. I have been using Nutrigro Hair System and have been very impressed, as my hair is definitely looking thicker and shinier.

  4. Sharon

    I am 36 years old and I have suffered from thinning hair for about 9 months. The thinning took its toll on my confidence. It meant styling my hair to try and cover the problem took precious time I didn’t have. Once the hair started growing back the problems continued. The new hair was very fine along the hairline and looked like a nasty mistake at the hairdressers. Since using Nutrigro Hair system it has much improved my scalp and made a difference to the hair looking full and healthier

  5. Ross

    Did some research before buying the kit as I had no idea on the brand. Totally worth it! The products improved the way my hair looks and even feels when I put my hand trough it. I’m over the moon with the results especially since before using the Nutrigo products my hair started thinning. Now the hair is thick and I do not have to worry about the way it looks

  6. Julia

    Awesome set. The serum had such a big impact on my hair. I must say that choosing natural products always is a good idea

  7. Jay

    I’ve gone through a journey where my hair had been thinning drastically. I always had thick hair and I was lost in terms of what to do about it while my confidence dropped. I”m a resourceful individual so I took some time researching what I have to do. I gotta tell you, this set and the roller were the only thing that actually worked from all the others treatments and solutions available.It is a lifestyle change really.

  8. Maureen Brown, London

    Exactly what I wanted and arrived very quickly. Leaves my hair feeling smooth and soft. Excellent value for money also.

  9. IDM Crack

    Hello to every one, the contents present at this website are genuinely awesome for people knowledge, well, keep up
    the good work fellows.

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