Asian Power Couples: meet Sushma Bhanot and Ravi Bhanot

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This post is a special one. It is a tribute to our amazing directors Sushma and Ravi Bhanot. They have been included a few days back on top Asian Power Couples List 2017 and we couldn’t be more proud.

Ravi & Sushma BhanotThe fourth edition of UK’s Asian Power Couples Hot 100  comprises couples that changed the world step by step, with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and his wife Saadiya leading the way.  Our directors Sushma Bhanot and Ravi Bhanot are first in line on Top 5 couples in Community Affairs 2017. They have spent 2016 involved in projects that helped change people’s lives and enable them to look forward to a brighter future. Now they are welcoming 2017 with good thoughts, extended plans for charity work and new projects.

2017 is all about community & charity

For those of you who are yet to meet him, Ravi Bhanot is well known as a charity leader in the British Hindu community and as a pioneer of Eastern herbal medicine in the West. Ravi Bhanot and with his wife Sushma Bhanot have researched and manufactured a number of unique Ayurvedic based health and beauty products, setting up Coolherbals in 2006. Sushma is currently working on exciting therapies for professionals and new natural products that will be available soon.

Asked about their plans for the new year, Sushma answered: “2017 is all about community & charity”.

As proof of their will and commitment, this unstoppable couple even spent  their New Year holiday with the family in Gambia trying to help others : ” we marked New Years Day by stopping off in a random village in Banjul, Gambia and unloading a van full of food and supplies to all the kids and their mums.  Seeing the smiles on their faces it was a great way to end our family holiday.”

For 2017 they look forward to continuing the community and charitable work under Make It Beat Charity, Sewa Week work with the Sewa Volunteers, the Coolherbals charity work and start new, exciting projects including Gambia Food project, Free training for unemployed people to earn a living, International Yoga Day, India-UK Cultural Year celebrations, Diwali on the Square, or Ayurveda Day 2017 .

So we invite all of you to join us in 2017 and we look forward working with you.

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