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Menopause and Oestrogen

Menopause and Oestrogen

Menopause brings with it a change in the hormonal balance of oestrogen and progesterone. This sometimes causes some unpleasant symptoms – like hot flushes, forgetfulness and hair thinning or hair loss. Oestrogen and/or phytoestrogen replacement therapy helps in alleviating some of these symptoms. The treatment helps in maintaining firm skin and muscle tone, a greater sense…

How do I control my dandruff

How do I control my dandruff?

“I’m suffering from excessive dandruff and as a result a very itchy scalp. I’m not wanting to try any sort of strong shampoos as I’ve had a very serious allergic reaction in the past. I’ve been using fenugreek seed mixture for a few weeks which seemed to help a bit at first but now the…