Prepare for summer with natural hair care products

Prepare for summer. 7 Tips for a beautiful hair

Although we are glad to be just weeks away from summer, the strong sun, high temperatures and the humidity in the air are factors that will affect our locks leading to the appearance of dry, frizzy hair, hard to care for and arrange. No matter what hair type you have, in the summer the hair will suffer unless you follow few simple…

Menopause and Oestrogen

Menopause and Oestrogen

Menopause brings with it a change in the hormonal balance of oestrogen and progesterone. This sometimes causes some unpleasant symptoms – like hot flushes, forgetfulness and hair thinning or hair loss. Oestrogen and/or phytoestrogen replacement therapy helps in alleviating some of these symptoms. The treatment helps in maintaining firm skin and muscle tone, a greater sense…

Nutrigro Scalp Roller Kit for Thinning Hair