Is our healthy food unhealthy?

Many of the products considered healthy and appropriate in the weight loss battle are actually food traps, with olive oil and zero percent fat yoghurts being on the list. Experts warn to pay extra care when eating these products and a list of foods to avoid has been compiled to help those who want to lose weight.

Fruit juice is “the fastest way to put on weight”, requiring less than a minute to drink up to 150 calories. Another disadvantage is the lack of fibres in the fruit juice. The fibres formĀ a coating that acts as a shield, slowing down the absorption of sugar. In soft drinks, fruit juices and ‘smoothies’, this shield disappears and the liver is overloaded with sugar, having two noticeable effects on the body: first, the amount of sugar causes a sudden rush of energy that disappears very quickly, leading to irritability, lethargy and strong sensation of hunger. Secondly, the high levels of fructose – fruit sugar – which are not burned are converted into fat. As an example, a single glass of white grapefruit juice (250 millilitres) contains a level of sugar equivalent to four glazed doughnuts.

Mistakes we make in our diet

Olive oil, in turn, despite its beneficial health properties, contains 50 calories in one teaspoon. So careful with it when you prepare your salads.

Honey is another dangerous diet habit having a high level of sugar, as well as biscuits and fat-free yoghurts that sometimes contain more calories than the normal versions. Sugar is added to compensate for the lost flavour when the fat is reduced. Dieters should also be attentive when it comes to wine as a glass can contain up to 225 calories

“Dangerous” foods diet list

Fruit juice: has a high level of calories (150 in a glass of 250 millilitres) and contains no fibre. Consumption during the regime may be done by diluting the juice but is highly recommended to eat the whole fruit instead.

Olive oil: the high content of calories (50 in one teaspoon doesn’t make it right for diet, but can be reduced by almost 90 percent if replaced with olive oil spray.

Brown bread is not always rich in fibre, many companies using paint to make it look healthier. The best option is to replace it with whole grain bread.

Zero percent fat products often contain too much sugar to compensate for the lack of flavour. Dieticians recommend you to eat the original products if nutritional values show fewer calories.

Dried fruits and nuts. Although they are a good source of fibre, most fruits are coated in sugar, while the nuts are covered in salt.

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