Debunked myths on daily skin routine

I’m sure you’ve heard by now hundreds of tips on how and what to do daily to look after your complexion and skin. Definitely, you have used dozens of different brands of cosmetics and tried at least 10 different beauty salons by now. Debunked myths on daily skin routineHowever, there are certain things that every woman should know and that will help you keep your skin clean, young, and hydrated for life. Here are some answers to keep in mind:

Using anti-wrinkle cream from 25+ years old

Age is not a type of skin, therefore do not choose products based on age labels. Wrinkles, especially expression wrinkles, may occur even at 19 years old, not only from 25 years old, so products labelled “25, 30, 35 ” do not really make sense. The same answer applies when it comes to night creams. Your skin needs the same beneficial ingredients both during the day and at night so use them daily.

Washing the face with cold/hot water

Cold water does not close the pores, just as hot water does not open the pores. On the contrary, the alternation of hot/cold can affect the skin, causing irritation. Ideally, you need to cleanse your face with water that is slightly warm and use a natural cleanser as commercial soaps can dry your skin.

The skin does not adapt to certain products. We hear often that with time the body – skin, hair – get used to certain products and they lose their effectiveness. In reality, the skin does not adapt to the products so you do not need to change your favourite brands regularly. Just use good ones all the time.

 There are no products to completely get rid of wrinkles and there are no products that act as Botox!

Yes, it is ok to choose natural products that you daily, with results clinically proven to reduce wrinkles. But do not expect them to make your wrinkles disappear completely.

“Must-have” ingredients of a good cosmetic product:

• antioxidants – prevent aging of the skin acting at cellular level

• cell-communicating ingredients – basically, these ingredients “repair” damaged skin cells, causing the cells to transmit this characteristic to other cells.

• barrier-damage ingredients – help repair, revitalise and moisturise the skin, slowing the ageing process of the skin by creating a “barrier” against free radicals.

• anti-irritant substances – such as allantoin, aloe, bisabolol, burdock root, chamomile, Glycyrrhetinic acid, grape extract, green tea, vitamin C, white willow will help the skin to fight and avoid irritants that surround us (sun,air, pollution).

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